Some Interesting Articles about “Big Data”

My interest in Big Data was piqued recently when an excellent Oracle consultant was able to get me to understand its purpose and value during our ExCite review.

Here are a collection of links that I’ve found while reading up about the technology. I hope some are of interest.

Putting Big Data in context.

The awesome ways in which Big Data is used today.

The 5 “V”s everyone should know about Big Data.

“Big Data is like stomach bacteria” – I’ll admit that I included this one because I thought this one quote was awesome!

Why your data is dirty.

How small businesses can scale the Big Data barrier.

Going forward, the companies that have the best data will win … until you can understand precisely what your customer wants, what they don’t want, how they want it and when they want it, you’ll be left to guess — and guessing is a very, very expensive business sport.”

Oracle’s view on Big Data – not as focused towards infrastructure spending as you might think!

“Too often, IT leaders look at the infrastructure needed for a Big Data analytics solution rather than the business requirement for the solution. They focus on the storage and compute capacity needed, or make decisions based on technology. This is usually driven by the need to contain ballooning infrastructure costs. Instead, IT leaders should focus on business outcomes of big data initiatives.”

Big Data requirements include a different … management of environments as compared to traditional deployments. This, in turn, requires changes in operational processes. Trying to add Big Data deployments into an existing environment will not help.

Big Data environments need to be structured separately and the operating processes to maintain them will also need to change. Failing to do so will only ensure a highly complex and non-sustainable architecture.”

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