CPU and QFSDP for April 2014 Availability

I’m sure you probably got the memo that the Critical Patch Update for April 2014 is now available.

For non-Exadata databases, this patch upgrades your database software to:


For Exadata machines, the associated Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch for April 2014 (Patch 18370231) upgrades your software to:

  • Exadata Storage Server:
  • DB Node Update Utility: 3.20
  • PDU Firmware: 1.06
  • Database/Grid Infrastructure: (Bundle Patch 23)
  • OPatch:
  • OPlan:

It is also recommended that your Enterprise Manager is upgraded to and that you apply the latest Exadata and database plugins (

While browsing through MOS for details on this patch, I found this neat reference note:

  • Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets (MOS 1454618.1)

A very handy reference point for all the patch numbers and download links. Of course, the best thing about it is that, you don’t have to go searching for the correct patch number yourself anymore 🙂


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3 thoughts on “CPU and QFSDP for April 2014 Availability

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi!, thanks for the Doc ID
    quick question
    can we apply a DB CPU on top a Quarterly Database Patch for Exadata (QDPE)
    and later on , apply a newer QDPE over this CPU

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    • Mark Smith says:

      Yes, I believe you can. I know there are “gotchas” with PSUs and CPUs, but the quarterly patches for Exadata basically contain CPUs for the database as well stuff for the other components.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your reply , we tried it but Opatch failed , it looks like the Exadata Bundle Patches are considered PSUs, if we want CPUs we have to rollback the BP (in our case it was BP 20) although i haven’t seen this explicitly stated in related Oracle Support Documents


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