DB Engines – July 2014 Rankings

This is one of the more bizarre rankings of database distributions I think I’ve seen. Instead of ranking a database on features, support and price, this web site rates them on:

  • Number of search engine queries (*)
  • Google Trends
  • Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange
  • Job sites
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

(*) no wonder SQL Server is so high up there – there have to be a gazillion Google search results for “how do I migrate from SQL Server to Oracle”!

I’d dismiss this as a thoroughly pointless exercise/use of social media, but look at where Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum and Azure SQL are on the list 🙂

In case you’re wondering, MarkLogic – which is NOT a registered trademark of MarkData (TM, all rights reserved) – is the 35th most popular database distribution. This puts it higher than Ingres, Greenplum, Accumlo, Redshift, TimesTen, Oracle NoSQL, BerkleyDB and Percona Server.

I can only assume this popularity is down to people confusing it with MarkData 🙂

There are a large number of highly qualified candidates for the title of “most bizarre database name”, though I suspect most of these are just made-up to make the list longer:

  • WakandaDB
  • SenseiDB
  • JustOneDB – what if I want TWO databases?
  • Bangdb – at least I’ve still got KER-SPLAT and KER-PLOW for my MarkData (Big Data) vaporware tools…
  • SmallSQL – I wonder if they have a Big Data offering?
  • RocksDB – if it was “DBRocks” or “DBARocks”, I’d be more curious…
  • Kyoto Cabinet – ???
  • HamsterDB – does it just sit there and spin?
  • Stardog
  • Project Voldemort – now I KNOW they’re just making stuff up…
  • Tokyo Tyrant – ???
  • Northgate Reality – sounds like a real estate company!
  • RethinkDB – lacking in conviction?
  • NonStop SQL – what if I LIKE my queries to complete?
  • GT.M – I wonder what O/S this runs on…
  • Model 204
  • LucidDB – as opposed to … ?
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