Adventures in THE CLOUD(TM) – Unresponsive VMs on Azure

As we all know, THE CLOUD(TM) is a magical place where everything just works, you can get rid of your support personnel and have your systems administered by experts instead. And so on.




Don’t get me wrong, I can see the benefits of using THE CLOUD(TM) for some things – even short-lived Development databases – though, honestly, that’s not really anything that virtual machines can’t already do. The cloud is just taking virtualization to the next level, really.

HOWEVER, hosting your business-critical Production database on the cloud is just WRONG for a number of reasons and, in case you needed another one: Virtual Machines can become unresponsive or read-only in Microsoft Azure

As of the latest maintenance outage, this does not appear to have been fixed. A VM can become unresponsive or read-only – you might work around it by rebooting, but you might have to recreate the VM.

For those who are still not put off, Microsoft state:

“There is nothing special that will cause this to happen although we have seen it more frequent on instances that are heavily using their disks for lots of reads/writes.”

Good thing that databases aren’t read/write intensive.

Oh, wait …

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