You WILL use container databases … and you WILL like it!

For those who haven’t climbed aboard the 12c train yet, note that using a “traditional” or non-CDB architecture is deprecated by Oracle from

That does not mean you have to use the multi-tenant cost option: container databases with a single pluggable database (“single-tenant”) will be OK.  The cost option only comes into play whenever you attach more than one pluggable database to a container database (“multi-tenant”).

I’m still surprised that Oracle charge you for the multi-tenant option, to be honest.

Earlier in the week, Oracle released patch set I’m not sure why Oracle didn’t call “12c Release 2 / 12.2”, as it includes a lot of major new features rather than just bug fixes, but I’m sure their marketing types had a reason.

In reality, this means that “12c Release 2, Patch Set 1” is now available. There are a lot of DBAs out there, myself included, who adopt a “wait until Release 2, Patch Set 1” approach before getting serious about upgrading to a new version. If you’re one of those DBAs, happy upgrading!

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