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In case you have a spare minute or two on your lunch break today … 

What sort of question are you asking if MongoDB is the answer (with the notable exception of “which product should I never, ever use to manage any kind of important data?“) …


This does not surprise me – one of the better sessions at Collaborate IOUG 2015 was from Cloudera on data warehouse architecture.  A grand total of 2 people put their hands up when the audience was asked if anyone had deployed Hadoop into Production yet.

Potentially really helpful (YMMV).

Again, this wouldn’t surprise me.  While Hadoop definitely CAN be a useful platform, I didn’t hear a single person mention “NoSQL” at the conference last week – including in the Hadoop sessions I attended.  There certainly feels like there’s a big move away from NoSQL – the biggest buzzword / phrase (for last week, at least) seemed to be “SQL-on-Hadoop“.

Only in the minds of shills and salespeople was Hadoop ever going to replace the data warehouse.  What surprises me is that a third of companies have a data warehouse on the cloud.  Do they really?

Big Data is all about THE CLOUD(TM)?  No, it really isn’t.  Hands up anyone who would migrate their “single-source-of-truth” system to the cloud right now …

Wait, Big Data is “dead“?  But what about THE CLOUD(TM)?!?  The author makes some great points and then ruins it by coining FOUR new buzzwords right at the end.


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