About this blog

I’m an Oracle DBA and Exadata Database Machine Administrator (DMA) based in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

I’m very lucky to get the chance to do some neat stuff in my job –  especially with Exadata – and I love to share any knowledge that I do pick up along the way.

I find myself writing a lot of “How To” papers about how I solved a particular problem or set up a new feature in the hope that I can save another DBA some time, effort and/or frustration in the future.

Some may never read them, but if I manage to help just one person, then it’s worth the typing.

This blog is meant to be a subset of these papers and a sort of personal record, as well as a commentary on various data-related news.

The views expressed in this blog are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of … well, anyone else, to be honest.

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2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Nick Cook says:

    Nice post Mark, I didn’t know that indeed.
    My problem is, unless it happens today, I will have forgotten this cool tip when I need it 🙂

    – Nick

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mark,
    Kindly go through the below job detail and please let me know your interest.

    Position : Oracle DBA
    Location: Chester brook, PA

    • Adhering to SLAs
    • Mentoring / Training Team Members
    • Handling tickets / requests
    • Perform root cause analysis
    • Troubleshooting technical issues
    • Defining processes and ensuring that the processes are adhered to
    • Oversees and is responsible for successful completion of Installation, configuration and migration
    • Ensure maximum uptime according to the SLA
    • Understanding of Multi-geo support environment
    • Responsible for building / maintaining a test environment
    • Responsible for strategizing a backup plan and test plan for failure scenario
    • Improves and maintains customer and employee satisfaction
    • Suggests new technologies and design changes
    • Monitoring and maintaining SLA requirements by the team members
    • Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy for 24×7 operation support
    • Suggesting patches/upgrades to maintain security level
    • Testing / Auditing/processes as required from time to time
    • Identify Skill gaps and plan for training / knowledge updating
    • Experience and Skills required
    • Minimum of 5 yrs in Oracle Database Administration / Support
    • Evaluate the Database Server Hardware.
    • Define/Recommend/Maintain database Standards and Architecture.
    • Expert in Database Design.
    • Future Release management for database/instance and Impact Analysis.
    • Research/Recommend Migration/Upgradation
    • 3rd Party Vendor Support and Interaction(including TAR and OS)
    • Technical Consultation.
    • Advance Database Performace Tuning – Tuning Applications,Instance/Kernel Parameters and Tuning Memory.
    • Usage of AWR and ADDM.
    • Recommend and Review Backup and Recovery Strategies using RMAN or tools.
    • Knowledge of Advanced Replication, Queuing and Streams.
    • Hands on experience of configuration & administration of Oracle High Availability Solutions.
    • Good Working experience of Installation & administration of RAC 9i, 10g (Real Application Clusters).
    • Flash Recovery Features & Flash back query.
    • Having experience of DR setup through various synch methods.
    • Designing strategy towards Capacity Management for DB tracks.
    • Designing/Recommending Database Security Policy.
    • Worked on Production systems
    • Datacenter understanding
    • Experience with Database Migration, Installation, Upgrades and Patching
    • Knowledge of Data warehousing and Other Technologies(RDBMS)
    • Knowledge of Data Guard / Gateways
    • Storage Management Techniques
    • Experience on Sun / Veritas / Microsoft Cluster

    Best Regards,
    Jason Eric
    Phone: 678-720-4596


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