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Oracle Critical Patch Update for July 2015

Oracle’s Critical Patch Update is out for July 2015:

Affected are database versions,,, and

This is the final patch for both the and releases. The final patch for will be released in January 2016.

The most prominent bug on the risk matrix is CVE-2015-2629 whereby a remote authenticated user can exploit a flaw in the Java VM component to gain elevated privileges.

For the patches, you can apply one of the following: SPU for UNIX: patch 20803583 PSU for UNIX: patch 20760982 Quarterly Database Patch for Exadata (July 2015): patch 21142006
July 2015 Quarterly Full-Stack Patch for Exadata: patch 21186703

Don’t forget your Grid Infrastructure patching: PSU for UNIX: patch 20996923

And, of course, ever since those Java bugs were discovered, we should also patch the JVM: Database PSU for UNIX: patch 21068539

Happy patching!

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Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Submitted my Oracle OpenWorld 2015 presentation earlier.  Today is the last day to submit proposals for presentations or tutorials.

Oracle have extended their deadline for proposals until May 6th!



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DBA 3.0 – How to Become a Real-World Exadata DBA – IOUG Collaborate 2015

According to a Book of Lists survey, 41% of people’s biggest fear is “public speaking”.  To put that into perspective, “death” is the biggest fear for 19%, “flying” for 18% and “clowns” don’t even register (which does make me seriously doubt the survey’s credibility).

I gave my first public presentation at IOUG Collaborate 2015 last week in Las Vegas and I didn’t die.

Why did do make your presentation debut at the second largest Oracle event on the calendar?  Excellent question.

Continue reading

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UKOUG 2014 – Dan Norris – Exadata Security Best Practices

Dan Norris of the Maximum Availability Architecture team gave what sounded like a very interesting presentation at UKOUG 2014. There seemed to be a lot of really cool stuff at this year’s event, which is to be expected as I no longer reside in the UK!

I encourage you to take a look at the slides, but also at the interesting links he provided:

Naturally, he also quoted a plethora of My Oracle Support notes – some of the greatest hits and some which you might not have seen before:

  • Responses to common Exadata security scan findings (Doc ID 1405320.1)
  • Oracle Sun Database Machine X2-2/X2-8, X3-2/X3-8 and X4-2 Security Best Practices (Doc ID 1071314.1)
  • How to change OS user password for Cell Node, Database Node , ILOM, KVM , Infiniband Switch , GigaBit Ethernet Switch and PDU on Exadata Database Machine (Doc ID 1291766.1)
  • Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server Supported Versions (Doc ID 888828.1)
  • Information Center: Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Doc ID 1306791.2)

Happy reading!

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October 2014 Quarterly Full-Stack Download Patch for Exadata

In case you weren’t already aware, Oracle have released October 2014’s full-stack patch for Exadata.

This is a relatively minor update compared to previous patches, though it does include the latest security fixes as per October’s Critical Patch Update (ApEx, JavaVM, etc).


This patch set includes:
• No change to the Exadata Storage Server since July 2014 (version
• No change to the Exadata compute node operating system since July 2014
• No change to the InfiniBand switch firmware since April 2014
• ‘’ updated to version 3.60
• No change for the PDU firmware since January 2014 (version 1.06)
Database upgraded to Bundle Patch 25
Java VM upgraded to with the latest security fixes
• OPatch upgraded to
• OPlan upgraded to

Happy patching!

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Certified Platinum Configurations

Oracle recently updated their Certified Platform Configurations – the minimum software versions of components required by Platinum Support:

From my understanding, unless you are running your Exadata machine on the July 2014 QFSDP, you are NOT running a “Platinum” configuration.

This seems to indicate a slight change in their policies – until the middle of October when the next full-stack patch is out, anyway – it appears that the requirement to run ‘latest full-stack version -1 or above’ has changed to ‘latest full-stack version’ (July 2014).

Personally, I think Platinum Support has got a VERY long way to go before it’s ready for prime-time and I doubt this will be a compelling reason to drive a customer to drop everything and start patching…

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Exadata Storage Cell Reboot: Expected Behavior

Last week, I had two storage cell reboots within five days of each other. Oddly enough, both happened during relatively quiet times on the system and with no indication of any cause recorded in the alerthistory, the syslog or the trace files.

It turns out that I was bitten by some “expected behavior”: Continue reading

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CPU and QFSDP for April 2014 Availability

I’m sure you probably got the memo that the Critical Patch Update for April 2014 is now available.

For non-Exadata databases, this patch upgrades your database software to:


For Exadata machines, the associated Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch for April 2014 (Patch 18370231) upgrades your software to:

  • Exadata Storage Server:
  • DB Node Update Utility: 3.20
  • PDU Firmware: 1.06
  • Database/Grid Infrastructure: (Bundle Patch 23)
  • OPatch:
  • OPlan:

It is also recommended that your Enterprise Manager is upgraded to and that you apply the latest Exadata and database plugins (

While browsing through MOS for details on this patch, I found this neat reference note:

  • Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets (MOS 1454618.1)

A very handy reference point for all the patch numbers and download links. Of course, the best thing about it is that, you don’t have to go searching for the correct patch number yourself anymore 🙂


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