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ORAchk and Collection Manager

Quite by chance, I noticed today that Oracle are now offering an exachk-like health check for non-Exadata systems: ORAchk.

This includes some of the exachk functionality and replaces the RACcheck tool for Oracle databases (both clustered and single-instance).

One of the components of ORAchk is the Collection Manager, a ApEx web app, which provides a unified dashboard view of collections (ORAchk, RACcheck and exachk) across your environment.

The Collection Manager uses ApEx 4.2 and can be run against all editions of the database (XE, SE1, SE, EE) or higher. It is supported as part of your support contract, with the exception of the XE edition – you’ll have to visit the OTN forums for help with that.

There are two features in particular which interest me: the ability to compare different health check runs and the creation of incidents for tracking of issues.

Oddly enough, I had just started to create my own system to do just this today – which would have only provided a fraction of what this does, of course. I just need to find somewhere to run ApEx, a spare database and to brush up on my ApEx knowledge.

As a slight tangent, I think it’s a little strange that Oracle are running this on ApEx. I presume this is because it’s an early version and I would imagine that this – along with the OCM/ASR functionality – might end up making its way into a future release of OEM pretty soon as Oracle continue to mature the management of Exadata and its cohorts.

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