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Today’s Nugget: Oracle GoldenGate on E-Business Suite Databases

Throughout my work week, I often learn something new and unexpected about my travels. Instead of writing a full blog post about the subject, I figure I’ll occasionally post these as “nuggets” – bite-size chunks which are easily digested!

Here is today’s “nugget”:

Oracle GoldenGate is certified to capture data from E-Business Suite databases, but it cannot be used to apply data to E-Business Suite databases.

This includes writing back to the source database in an active-active configuration.



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Oracle’s HA Service Level Tiers

This white paper on HA Best Practices and DBaaS is pretty interesting, especially for its definitions of “HA Service Level Tiers”:



  • Single-instance database.
  • DR: Requires restore from the last backup, potential for data loss.


  • RAC database.
  • DR: Requires restore from the last backup (with potential for data loss).


  • RAC database with Data Guard and GoldenGate.
  • DR: Real-time failover to standby database (with zero or near-zero data loss).


  • RAC database with Data Guard, GoldenGate and Application Continuity.
  • DR: In-flight transactions are preserved (with zero data loss).


The “Platinum” service level, naturally, requires some seriously impressive kit. I wonder what “Titanium” or “Palladium” will eventually turn out to need 🙂


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