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Major Data Exploit Patched by January 2014’s CPU

Today, an Oracle security blog revealed a “monster bug” (actually, TWO of them) which allows a user to UPDATE data in a table in another schema that they only have the SELECT privilege to.

In case you’re wondering, the author did inform Oracle a year ago – and has sat on it since, so a huge amount of kudos to them! This is gratuitously stolen from that blog.

The user has to create a “simple” view based on the table and then a non-“simple” (such as an aggregated) view based on the first view to override the table’s object privileges.

By exploiting this bug, the user may be able to cover their tracks and to obtain DBA access.

This is known to exist in all “current” versions of the database (11g and 12c, not clear if it includes 9i or 10g). The bug has been fixed with the January 2014 (and onwards) CPU for 11g and 12c, but there is no fix for earlier versions (yet, if ever).

A working example can be seen after the break – DO NOT RUN THIS IN PRODUCTION!!!

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