Friday Links

I’m on-call and it’s a Friday – here are some random links for your perusal. Happy weekend!

Sadly, even Disney isn’t immune from the insanity or from ignoring immigration law (H1-B visas are for “exceptional” candidates and must only fill positions which CANNOT be filled by US-based employees).

If you buy into the trade mag hype, us DBAs are living on borrowed time. According to NPR, however, we have less chance of being automated than a police officer.  We also have less chance of being automated than “IT management”, which is far more amusing!

Cost certainty or confusion in the cloud?  How AWS might not be the panacea for budgeting management think it is.

Hadoop isn’t as prevalent as trade mags would have you believe, apparently.  This chimes with what I noticed from Collaborate IOUG earlier this year.

Do people still think virtual machines can perform just as well as physical machines?

Oracle’s potentially neat Real Application Security feature, which could make deducing those roles and privileges a bit easier.

An interesting article from 2011 which relates to my “DBA 3.0” presentation (in some way!)

Don’t forget not to anger the IT Gods today!

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